All The onboarding tools you need in one software solution

With an engaging look and all the onboarding tools that are important for a successful start, our onboarding software helps you to motivate new employees right from the start to become integral members of the team for the long term.

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Boost employee enthusiasm: use all of our tools in the three phases of our onbaording Process

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New employees demanding more of their new employee than ever before. Today, 1 in 4 employees leave the company within the first year. At the same time, 84% of companies see room for improvements in their onboarding processes. Our innovative onboarding software increases productivity through target information - and lets you communicate your appreciation for their work to prevent any possible thought of leaving before they even arise. All of our tools can be used from the smartphone app at any time and any place, in all three onboarding phases.

Phase 1: Preboarding

Employee onboarding begins as soon as the contract is signed. New employees should have all the essential information they need and their workplace should be ready before their first day on the job. More importantly, though, the process of building relationships should be already underway as well.

Phase 2: Welcome

Even after years, new employees will remember their first day at their new job. Therefore, all internal processes relating to facility management, HR and IT should be completed in such a way that the employees can get right to work in a meaningful and productive manner - and feel enthusiastic about the welcome they've received.

Phase 3: Onboarding

Onboarding means a sustainable introduction to the professional and social aspects of a new job. It's important to keep the onboarding plan focused, to provide clear tasks and goals, and to manage employees' integration into teams and related departments. Feedback is essential here.

1. Preboarding with our onboarding software

What's important in this phase
  • The new employee has already signed the contract, but a variety of influences and thoughts relating to the job decision may call that decision into question again. Psychologically, the employee feels a degree of uncertainty that the company should help to relieve.
How Haufe myOnboarding supports you
  • Our onboarding software helps you to guide your new employees and encourage their enthusiasm for the new job from the moment they sign the contract.
  • Welcome each new employee personally and congratulate them on their decision.
  • Show them what your company and the premises look like, and what kind of benefits are available at no cost to them.
  • Provide a simple yet thorough introduction deep insight to your company right from the beginning - it's culture, guiding principles and history.
  • Refer them to contacts or sponsors who they can contact even before their first day at work.
  • Present your latest products, services and publications as well as the new team.
  • Let new employees edit their own profile, and introduce them to their news colleagues ahead of time.
Successful Preboarding

Present new employees directly information about the culture, projects or products.

2. ONBOARDING TOOLS for the welcome phase

What's important in this phase
  • The first day on the job is decisive when joining a company. An employee's impressions and experiences from this day will continue to affect them for a long time to come. Respect, personal interactions, and a professional and functional work environment are essential here.
How Haufe myOnboarding supports you
  • Use the tools in Haufe myOnboarding to make the employees first few days at their new job an unforgettable experience.
  • Offer precisely scheduled information about the workplace and work environment, e.g. when and where the first working day starts.
  • Supplement the all-important personal communication on the employee's first day with online communications, and inspire and make an effort to inspire and surprise the new employee.
  • Provide a structured onboarding plan showing how the first few days will unfold.
  • Offer fun, easy options to connect to with new colleagues online.
  • Give new employees small tasks and background information immediately, enabling them to make a meaningful contribution right away.
  • Control internal workflows (e.g. relating to facility management, IT or HR) through the "Task Management" online Tool. In this way, you can easily control and track tasks - and make sure that the employee's workstation is ready on their first day.
An Exciting 1 day at work

Offer the surprising personalized communication as a employee starts out in the new company.

3. All the tools You need for sustainable onboarding

What's important in this phase
  • In this phase, the employee must be trained for their work and socially integrated in ways that will be effective for the long term. The right combination of information, theoretical and on-the-job training, and initial tasks makes all the difference. Regular feedback and direct communication (personal and digital) are extremely important.
How Haufe myOnboarding supports you
  • Use Haufe myOnboarding to achieve the perfect pace and timing to provide useful information for employee orientation or about your company's activities and advantages. Make use of digital feedback and networking options as well.
  • Provide an overview of the additional benefits your company offers, such as a fitness program or company cafeteria.
  • Inform the new employee about goals, goal-tracking systems and training opportunities.
  • In addition to the main training plan, present important articles, reports or documents as often as needed in fun, accessible formats, like surveys or events.
  • Promote a fun, active approach to networking at the teams and company level so that new employees get to know all their most important contacts quickly.
  • Encourage new employees to actively maintain their profiles - another way to encourage optimal networking within the company.
  • Take advantage of the feedback possibilities, both to give feedback and to request feedback.
Networking & Feedback

Employees can update their own profiles whenever they like and make use of a wide range of feedback and networking options.

Manage the entire onboarding process with software support

What's important here

To provide new employees with a motivating onboarding experience, the entire onboarding process should be well-coordinated and clear responsibilities should be defined. An easy-to-use task and content management process, as well as a clear controlling functions, provide optimal support for this.

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How the tools in Haufe my Onboarding support you

Use the Control Center to start each employee's onboarding process of each employee quickly and easily and see their progress at a glance.

  • Create employee profiles, contents or tasks.
  • Distribute the relevant content for the new employees at the right time. You can define the specific times when each task or or a piece if content schould be distributed.
  • Order hardware, software and equipment at the right time.
  • Initiate and track internal workflows and processes, e.g. to set up an IT system or workstation.
  • Use the Haufe myOnboarding dashboard to see at a glance whether everything is running smoothly. You can view individual tasks or the entire onboarding process.
  • You can even manage several locations or areas within a single interface.
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HR Control Center

Dashboard: Initiate and monitor onboarding processes at a glance.

why you need Haufe my Onboarding

Increase productivity

Structured onboarding ensures that you provide a well-defined training plan, clearly-distributed tasks and smooth processes in your organization.

Lower costs

On average, hiring a new employee costs companies half a year's salary. Avoid early terminations and high costs.

Get to know each other quickly

With our onboarding solution, new employees get to know departments, superiors and colleagues faster and more effectively - so they get up to speed more effectively.

Image improvement

Professional onboarding increases employees satisfaction, and word gets around quickly - with positive effects on your employer branding and recruiting.

Modern communication

With our modern app solution, give your new employees the information they need about your company, e.g. about infrastructure, offers, contacts and goals, right when they need it.

Save time

Effective onboarding saves HR, executives and colleagues many valuable hours of work when training new employees.

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Get new employees motivated right from the start - with onboarding software from Haufe.
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Take advantage of our brand new onboarding tools

The tools in Haufe myOnboarding are continuously being developed and updated. As a corporate customer, you can benefit from this process by talking to us about the functions most relevant to your company. Interested?

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